Critical Formed Components

A highly diverse product range leaves NISWPL to be deliver to national and international markets. These markets consist of pressure vessel and tank manufacturers, engineering companies and other customers.. Our products are used in various industrial sectors.

All our products are manufactured on the basis of the dimensions, tolerances and material types agreed beforehand. Naturally, they comply with the required design codes. Our extensive expertise in a considerable number of areas enables us to satisfy all specifications and directives. These specifications vary considerably per market, country and customer.


NISWPL is a multi product company in INDIA manufacturing complex shapes and profiles, Dish ends(vessel head), Toricone, Elbows and Bellows, Section Bending and other special formed & pressed components . As an organisation NISWPL along with its well trained and motivational group of people works with deep sense of belongingness and a tough bond commitment to organisational goals.

  • Oil & Gas
  • Hydro Power Plants
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Defence
  • Shipping Industry
  • Pharmaceutical

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