About Us


In 1915 a family owned company was establish by our Great Grand fathers. Being black smith, working on steel was our profession wherein we started with small engineering product. There were many diversifications in all these years. Working with a family owned business Mr. Natvarlal B. Chitroda got an opportunity to explore his skills by receiving an order to manufacture a critical dish end. Taking many efforts he manufactured the dish end successfully. This success had left a dream in his mind to enter in the business of pressed and formed components.

In 1988 NISWPL was born and a small press was being installed which started the company to take on a next level. Seven years after there were three presses installed with various capacity which led NISWPL at today’s level


NISWPL is a multi product company in INDIA manufacturing complex shapes and profiles, Dish ends(vessel head), Toricone, Elbows and Bellows, Section Bending and other special formed & pressed components . As an organisation NISWPL along with its well trained and motivational group of people works with deep sense of belongingness and a tough bond commitment to organisational goals.

  • Oil & Gas
  • Hydro Power Plants
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Defence
  • Shipping Industry
  • Pharmaceutical

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