Quality Management

Quality Management

Our Quality Management System is certified according to ISO 9001-2015. Our Quality Department has given a free hand to approach directly to the Managing Team of the Company which ensures that Quality on the Job is given a primary Importance. Our Stage Wise Inspections and the internal tolerance standards which are set according to us has helps us to offer the best quality.

We are commited to comply Statutory requirement related to Environment,health and safety through continual improvement in processes and practices through effective communication and training programs.


Tests can be made on every unit to be used in service if economically justified. Consequently, they may be used even when great differences from unit to unit occur in production lots.

Test may be made on the entire production part or in all critical regions of it. Consequently, the evaluation applies to the part as a whole. Many critical sections of the part may be examined simultaneously or sequentially as convenient and expedient.

All mandatory test are performed by our approved vendors having fulfilled all eligibility criteria

Ultrasonic Test

Radiographic Test

Magnetic Particle Test

Dye Penetration Test

Hardness Test

Destructive Test

Destructive tests are usually carried out either on test specimens made for that purpose or may be made on one specimen taken as representative of several similar items. They are done in laboratories, workshops or training centers and can be chemical or mechanical in nature.

Tests usually simulate one of more service conditions. Consequently, they tend to measure serviceability directly and reliably.

Tests are usually quantitative measurements of load for failure, significant distortion or damage, or life to failure under given loading and environmental conditions. Consequently, they may yield numerical data useful for design purposes or four establishing standards or specifications.

Tensile Test

Impact Test

Bend Test


NISWPL is a multi product company in INDIA manufacturing complex shapes and profiles, Dish ends(vessel head), Toricone, Elbows and Bellows, Section Bending and other special formed & pressed components . As an organisation NISWPL along with its well trained and motivational group of people works with deep sense of belongingness and a tough bond commitment to organisational goals.

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