NISWPL has always protected and improved being the first company that came to mind for quality while being one of the best examples of continuous development in the world. Quality Awareness has naturally been adopted by all employees. NISWPL has been in production with the understanding of Total Quality Management, while training its employees continuously making them a valuable part its quality circle. It is believed in NISWPL that the quality of the employees directly affects continuous development and thereby every employee is primarily responsible by their assigned tasks. In NISWPL where the investment on technology never loses its momentum, the manufactured products are not produced only according to the international standards but also are produced with highest precision according to the even tighter company internal standards.

We not only meet the expectations of our customers and our third parties, we also develop ourselves with our products and services. NISWPL will achieved all the quality certifications being used during manufacturing & it will never left the position of being the strongest supplier to the global market.


NISWPL is a multi product company in INDIA manufacturing complex shapes and profiles, Dish ends(vessel head), Toricone, Elbows and Bellows, Section Bending and other special formed & pressed components . As an organisation NISWPL along with its well trained and motivational group of people works with deep sense of belongingness and a tough bond commitment to organisational goals.

  • Oil & Gas
  • Hydro Power Plants
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Defence
  • Shipping Industry
  • Pharmaceutical

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